Delays due to traffic conditions, road repairs, selection of route and the like and vehicle break down are inherent in the courier / removals industry. we will not be liable for any loss or damage or any consequential loss as a result or our service being delayed for nay reason other than factors within our control. we will take every possible step to try that drivers arrive at pickup point / delivery address on time and keep you informed of the delay, but we take no responsibility for any loss or damage that is incurred to you due to this delay.

Our Liability

Where you (as an individual or representing a business or an organization) or a person with your agreement participates in the move, we will not be liable for nay damage not caused by us. If it is evident and agreed that the damage to your goods was occured due to our fault or negligence, we will attempt to get the damage fixed to a repair value fo $300.

You will bear the first $150 of any claim made.
If the items is deemed to be un-repairable, our maximum liability towards the items will be $300 in any one occurrence.